Mocha's Page

Mocha and Her Sisters

How many of them are there!? They all look the same!

The puppies are 9 weeks and 1 day old. These three are about 14 pounds now,
and the biggest (not shown, already picked his family) is 17 pounds now.

Their mom is "Ingelnook Kahlua," and dad is a stud named "CH Honbury Enigma,"
but his friends call him "Murphy." The CH means "Champion."
You can see his web page at Murphy's Page.

There were 6 girls and 1 boy, all Chocolate (mom and dad both were).

Three girls are left to choose from, how are we ever going to choose?

Now we start to see some differences. One's more interested in the people,
one's more dominant,
one's more playful.

Here's the littlest one. She likes to play by herself. She is almost irresistible!

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